Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Puppies in Peril: Romania

Today in Furry Wednesdays I will not ask you for donations for Bulgarian stray dogs.  Instead, I would like to urge you to help put a stop to a horrific plan that the Romanian government has drawn with the purpose of destroying every single stray dog in the country.  

Don't get me wrong.  I don't want the streets of my hometown, or any town, to be populated by packs of dogs.  It is dangerous for the people, and it is dangerous for the dogs themselves.  It's unsanitary, it's inhumane, it's sad, and it's wrong.  However, the problem is complex and it can't be fixed with a simple solution such as an animal genocide - because "euthanizing" is just a code for murdering these dogs by means of poisoning, applying brute force, shooting, and sometimes burying them alive.  I am from the Balkans and I can promise you that there aren't adequate organizations and facilities in place to carry out the obliteration of 60 000 dogs in a way that doesn't involve barbaric cruelty.  

So, I ask for your compassion, and for a minute of your time.  Please sign the PETITIONS and show the Romanian government that the world cares!!!

P.S. Belcho, one of the disabled dogs I wrote about here last week, has found a forever home! 

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