Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Attempts in Light Painting

Moving (very slowly) forward with my photo backup project, I keep finding old shots that are interesting and worthy of sharing here.  Since I am not really shooting much at the moment (just a couple of weeks to go till the new baby!), I might as well keep you entertained with old photos.  

The series below are my first attempt in light painting.  Slow speed + long exposure + flashlight = fun!  I never really perfected this method, but it's worth revisiting in the future.  I must research more about how to actually get a word properly spelled with a light source, and figure out the best conditions to shoot in.  Certainly something to look forward to!

Taken against the bedroom window in our crappy Victorian house in London in 2010.

Monday, July 21, 2014

No Minute Gone Comes Ever Back Again...

...Take Heed and See Ye Nothing Do in Vain.

These are some of the very first images I took with my 50mm lens.  It was late December 2009 and I was exploring the city of London in its holiday attire.  No snow of course but many, many wonderful lights and sights.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Portraits From Half Moon Bay

My Dad is here and we have been touring our immediate surroundings as best as we can in the past few days.  The State beach at Half Moon Bay was on our list today.  We had a good time - my Dad hasn't seen the sea in over 20 years, so he really enjoyed the salty air and the sound of the crashing waves.  The lighting conditions were really weird; it was blinding and dark all at the same time! 

I am nine months pregnant now, and it really shows in my work - I can't bend, lean, kneel, or duck easily to take a shot, or keep the horizon line straight, which is rather funny.  I used to literally lie in the middle of a busy city intersection for a good PoV.  Ah, well.

This time we didn't see any whales, but I am once again super huge, just like I was about a week before Johnny was born. The Instagrams from that day were considerably sunnier, though....

Here are some of the Nikon images, the ones from my iPhone will of course go on my personal blog soon.