Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Daytrip to Krushuna Falls

Yesterday morning we drove to Krushuna Falls, a wonderful natural retreat near the village of Krushuna, at about 30 km of Lovech.  The road there was scenic, with sunflower fields sprawling along, fluffy clouds above, stork nests, free roaming donkeys and horses, and other small villages, sleepy in the sun, sparsely populated by working country people riding in carriages and sitting on benches in front of their small traditional houses.  This part of Lovech province is an amazing combination of flat land, cliffs and hills, valleys and forests, creeks and plateaus, and while the landscape is hardly dramatic, it's full of life and color and  air saturated with the fragrant of hay, grass, wildflowers and freedom.  Living is tough there, raw, but simple and closely connected to the land, and so very quiet, that only after an hour out in the open you can hear your thoughts and heart much better.

Here are a few snapshots, and if you even happen to visit Bulgaria, make sure you come over to Lovech and the surrounding lands.  Next week we'll drive up to the historical village of Kakrina, and the one after - to Saeva Dupka cave.