Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mundane Magic

Those photoshoots with Johnny are always improvised and inspired.  We would play in the back yard, and I would notice how great the light is, and I my heart would ache at the sight of the flares in his golden hair, and I would bring my camera down...and start trying to prevent him from prying it out of my hands and destroying it in few short seconds.  Of course, if he could articulate his thoughts, Johnny would protest at such accusations.  He would probably say that he just wants to see what's inside.  Yeah, right.

Johnny grows so freakin' fast that I just can't keep up, and now his baby self is giving way to a more mature boyish composure, and I need to take his portrait every two weeks or so if I am to really capture this stunning pace of growth.   

Oh, and he's crying in one of those pictures because I didn't let him play with a lighter.  Because, you know, a lighter is much more interesting to play with than an iPhone 5s.

Shot with my 50mm Sigma macro lens that makes the crazy flares :)

P.S. Blogger will never learn and it keeps compressing the s**t out of my images, but my consolation continues to be the planned layout update I'll be doing soon (with new pricing and great photo packages!), and the dream that I will be able to finally upgrade to a full frame Nikon come Christmas!