Thursday, October 24, 2013

Seeing Double

This week was quite busy with domestic chores, so I took a short break from my writing and I spent more time with my family.  I also had the time to notice that fall is here - the early mornings in Belmont are misty and cool, and when the sun finally shines over the trees and the houses in the afternoon, they glow in their warm Autumn attire like little golden fires.  Also, people have started to decorate for Halloween, and the usually quiet and fairly uninteresting suburbia now looks festive and fun.  

I am still testing my skills in medium format and I hope to be able to post a few 120 mm images from my Mamiya here as soon as I develop the last film, but meanwhile I decided to take my camera for a walk in the hood and experiment a bit with double exposure.  

Here are some random shots for your viewing pleasure, and remember - there is a 20% discount on all Halloween shoots till the end of October!!!