Sunday, October 13, 2013

Taking it Easy

Oh, weekends!  I love weekends, those mini-vacations, when everyone is home and we can do fun things or just hang out and take it easy together.  Making the most of such seemingly unimportant moments suddenly becomes the ultimate act of appreciating life, and I cannot be more grateful, happy, and proud of having a good home and a strong family.  All great things stem from that love we give each other, and I know that as long as I have an island of love in my home, I can conquer the vast ocean of life easily.

Happy weekend, my friends!  

P.S. I discovered that I can actually see the SF bay from a hill near my house.  Unfortunately, even the iPhone 5s can't capture that view well...I must bring my zoom lens along one day soon.  Plus, it's getting chilly out there!  I love the quality of light at this time of year, though.  It's magical!