Monday, October 7, 2013

Brighton by the Sea

In 2010, our last year in London, John and I decided that we must visit as many places in England and Europe as we could before we moved back to the States.  Our budget didn't allow much, but we made it work and we did travel, and looking back now I even envy my old self a bit.

We spent a long weekend in Brighton and we had a great time.  Brighton is one of those super party-oriented English towns and at night drunk and yelling people practically flooded the scene.  It was crazy in an awesome kind of way, though we didn't join the celebrations but just observed them from the safety of our hotel windows, convinced that they were a huge part of the tourist appeal of Brighton, along with its pebbled beaches, the Pier, and the Royal Pavillion.  

Here are some images from that trip.  I am particularly fond of the memories of the sunset the first night - there was this rainbow cloud in the sky, a magical air and light phenomenon.  Enjoy!

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