Monday, July 8, 2013

Last Night...

I took another photowalk, this time with my Sister and my brother in law.  Bobby The Dog followed us as well, and once again, we met quite a few stray kittens as we strolled down the streets of Lovech.  I might explore the newer part of town soon - there are some curious findings to be photographed, such as murals from the communist era, yet I am still contented with taking it easy and hanging out and about Varosha.  With so much rain lately, it is like discovering it anew.  

Did you guys know that Lovech is where the first Bulgarian astronaut was born?  Also, they are making cars here now.  It is a seemingly small and quiet town, but with enormous history underneath, so many things going on! 

My favorite moments of this collection is when Puhla (another stray dog friend) ran to greet me, and the light just after sunset.