Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.

~Robert Heinlein

O, Hai!

I haven't taken a selfie in a long while, so here are a few images of plain ole me, in the usual spirit and style - reflected in the mirror, and arm-length, showing my better profile (it's the left one, in case it's not obvious).

A quick update: I'm in a full blown escapism mode; it's not even a vacation anymore, but a state of complete and perpetual daydreaming, wandering around, napping, enjoying the moment, living utterly bohemian, self-indulging in good food, and LOVING.  It's amazing, and I sometimes wished I would start writing in my online journal blog, but then again, I prefer to experience rather than analyze things right now.  

I am very happy, I'm with family, I'm at the most beautiful place on Earth, and good things are coming.  John has a new job (yay!), we're moving to a new place after I return to California in two weeks, we'll be going to Hawaii on a second honeymoon in the fall, and later this year we might even begin working on a new baby.  There's a lot of planning and work involved in all this, yet I refuse to worry about it just yet.

Guys, I am so excited about life!  I hope you are doing well too!

P.S. This morning I went to give my dogs some breakfast (technically they are not my dogs, just three stray puppies that hang around the house) and on my way back I collected some trash from the street.  A woman looked at me questioningly asked me why was I doing this.  I explained: "I like things to be clean and ordered, and all people and animals - happy, and I am just doing what I can to have them that way."  She thanked me for my efforts...and this simple gesture was enough of a confirmation for me.  

I might not turn out to be the great writer I dream to be, but as long as I keep the animals fed, and make strangers smile, I know I'll be fine :)

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