Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Great Expectations

Last weekend I had the chance to shoot my very first maternity session with the lovely Annabelle, her husband, and her wonderful family.  Annabelle is expecting her first child this July and I wanted to give her something unique - the gift of the memory.  My only advice to moms-to-be is this: ENJOY the moment, enjoy the quiet and the alone time and the fact that you can still wear and have nice things, and pretty much do whatever you want.  Soon this will come to an end...but the good news is that it's only going to be temporary.  

And whenever something ends, another thing begins!  I can't wait to meet Tristan Edward, this little prince who is already so loved.

As for the shoot itself, it was quite the fun.  Especially the sight of one pregnant woman photographing another at the local park (I am a month behind Annabelle)!  My most favorite shot must be the very last portrait in the series, and the only thing I regret is that the bubble images didn't quite come out as I wanted - the background was too busy I guess.  The first images are from Annabelle's home, where they are anticipating Nowrūz - the Persian New Year with a beautiful traditional table setting - the Haft Sîn.  

I enjoyed the tea and the sweets very much, Annabelle, and most of all the awesome company.  Looking forward to the Baby Shower!

Like these? Call to book a maternity photoshoot...before I enter the third trimester myself and become too big and clumsy to hold a camera! :)))