Friday, March 7, 2014

Analog Life, part 2

I have very cool parents and one of the major downsides of living in America is that I am very very far away from them most of the time.  Once in a while, however, I go back, or one of them flies across the Pond and stays with us for a month or so.  I just learned that my Dad is up for visiting this summer, and I can't wait - I will be 8 months pregnant going on 9, but we will still find a way and time to have the greatest family adventures possible.  Dad is a physicist and I plan on taking him to an observatory among other things.  Imagine all the photos I'll have the chance to take!

To a big extend, Dad is also responsible for my affinity for photography.  He was the one always taking pictures, and thanks to him my childhood is so well preserved.  He gave me his Zenit E when I moved to the States, and the point&shoot film Olympus.  

Here are a few images from when my Mom and Dad were students.  Mom was the Golden Girl of her generation, the captain of her handball team.  Dad was a bit of a nerd whose heart belonged to rock'n'roll.  Man, they were cool!

Taken by unknown back in the 70's, most likely with a Russian camera and a 35mm black and white film.