Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Saturday at CuriOdyssey

We visited CuriOdyssey yesterday and we loved it so much we decided to get a yearly membership.  It's a super cool place, with the kind of concept that is inspiring and absolutely perfect as an educational model, and it got me thinking how sad it is that Bulgarian people don't realize how much their children need something like this.

There's the interactive scientific part, the animal sanctuary part, the outdoors installations and of course, the Coyote Point park itself and the Marina.  Bonus: you can see large airplanes close up as they pass very low as they land at the nearby airport.

My favorite moment during the visit was meeting a Badger for the first time, and meeting an elderly lady who in a surreal sort of way reminded me of myself.  She kept going around saying loudly "What is this animal? It's SO fluffy.  I want to touch it!".  The Badger was extremely fluffy, and Johnny loved the River Otters (also quite fatty and cute).

The light wasn't ideal for taking photos, and my view-point was often compromised by swarms of obnoxious little children, yet I managed to take these.

Nikon D90, Nikkor 18-155mm + VSCO for Lightroom

iPhone 5s + VSCOcam