Thursday, September 26, 2013

Furry Thursday - It's Time for REWARDS!!!

Hi guys!

My Furry Wednesdays experienced a bit of a hiccup this week because I made some major changes to my routine but I have great news - to compensate for posting late, I'm going to introduce a new REWARD program to inspire you further for helping Bulgarian stray dogs.

The thing is, I got off Facebook.  I had two reasons for doing so: firstly, since I am in writing mode I don't have time for social networking, and secondly, and most importantly, despite all the sharing activity and my Facebook propaganda to save puppies among all of my American and international friends and contacts, the results were disastrous.  There wasn't even a single donation made, image print purchased, or photo shoot booked!!!  It is apparent that I am in a need of both more sympathetic and generous friends, and in a more effective way of popularizing the cause.  Both new friends and new ideas and suggestions are welcome!

I need your help - please share this link onto your web-spaces, and tell your friends about it.  We can do great things together, and even if you can't contribute financially, you can participate by giving a voice to the issue.

Today I will not post info about a specific animal in need.  If this week's project is successful and I do get a response, I will do a specific research and I will announce the donation recipients afterwards.  

And to motivate you, I am giving away FOUR SIMULATED SKYDIVING CERTIFICATES!!!   I am aware that only people living in the San Francisco Bay Area could benefit from this experience as the iFly facility is located in Union City, yet I have faith in you and I know that you will not regret your decision :)  I did fly last weekend and it was fantastic!  

So, here we are.  We can have fun AND save animals.  Please also consider other ways of helping - make a donation, buy a photo print, book a mini-shoot with me.  I will donate all proceedings to my Bulgarian volunteer friends to help them take care of hungry, injured, and abused cats and dogs, ultimately making them adoptable.

If you are interested in getting involved in helping animals, wild or domestic, this might be interesting for you to see.  It's a series of short films by the Weather Channel dedicated to spreading awareness about animal welfare issues.

And an update: Unfortunately, the Romanian Constitutional Court ruled in favor of the bill drawn earlier this month allowing to "euthanize" (read: murder in the most sadistic way) ALL ROMANIAN STRAY DOGS (they are hundreds of thousands).  I want to once more to urge you to sign a petition against the cull, this time by the Humane Society.

P.S. The dog in the photo above is not Bulgarian, nor a stray.  She is called Sadie, and she is one of my Father-in-law's dogs.  She is a crazy, goofy, odd, and a very, very happy dog.  She is also a rescue, saved from the gas chamber in the last minute.  A friendly reminder - adopt, don't buy pets!