Tuesday, September 17, 2013


John took me to a very romantic place this past weekend - the San Francisco Bay - where we got on a catamaran and sailed over to the sunset.  Literally!  It was a tremendous experience, seeing how the color of the water changed with the fading light, feeling the strong gusts of fresh wind, tasting the salt on our lips, being blinded by the big orange ball of gold as we neared the Golden Gate bridge.  

The highlights, in no particular order:

- The seaman who had worked in a factory before, where a machine "bit" him and mangled his left hand so badly that the doctors had to cut off his big toe and saw it onto his hand to save it.  He was a wonderful sailor.

- The Captain of the Adventure Cat catamaran, who put us at ease before the trip by saying that he's done this "once or twice".

- The sea lion pile at Pier 39.  Gorgeous, gorgeous fat fluffy creatures!

- The buffet at the boat - brie and grapes and artichoke salad, yum!

- The view of the city from the water.  It looked so small, so insignificant from over there...

- Alcatraz.  Creepy!

- The moment when we passed under the Golden Gate. Wowzers!

- Windsurfers practically flying left and right past our boat.  Crazy people!

- Pelicans flying low over the waves in a single line, and high up towards the land in large, symmetric flocks.

- The Chinese container ships, bringing the last batch of goods from East.  Big, giant, scary ships.

- The feeling when I stood on the mesh covering the space between the hulls.  Adrenaline overload!

- Being splashed with cold ocean water head to toe.  Awesome.

Here are the photos.  Enjoy!

P.S. Blogger once again butchers the quality of the images, and the collage making software crops them differently than the originals...but you get the picture :)