Saturday, May 24, 2014


I shot the interior of Beautique Beauty Bar this morning for an update of their Yelp page.  I have professed my love for the place many times, and I don't mind doing it again because they are pretty much the best salon I've been to.  My habit of coloring my own hair at home notwithstanding, I have gotten the greatest haircuts in my life there, and that's a big deal.  Usually I go to a salon, pay insane amounts of money, and tell them what I want only to have my hair chopped off the way they want, or can.  Which says a lot, considering that my hairstyle is really quite unsophisticated.  But no, really - all advertising aside - how bad you must be in what you do to screw up a simple short bob on a straight hair?!  

So believe me when I say that you will get exactly what you need after a visit at Beautique, thanks to Giana and Shanelle's skill and talent.  Not to mention that they sell mineral based makeup and next generation hair products.

Some technical notes: 

Shooting commercial or personal spaces is a favorite type of work, not just because it's easier than shooting people, but also because I have the opportunity to explore my own sense of place, and to experiment with perspective.  It seems quite straightforward but photos of cosmetic products can get boring pretty fast, so I did my best to make things look beautiful and fun.  Capturing the character of a place is the biggest challenge in those kind of gigs.

Here I have added some images I won't be giving to the client, mainly the selfies (go ahead, judge me - I'm just a pregnant woman trying to have fun at work!), and have left out most of the formal photos.  

My personal favorite? Giana's headshot at the end.  She's a real modern-day Mona Lisa, don't you think!