Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Visit to the Firehouse, Take One (Failed)

Our entire family has been very sick for the...I want to say past few days, but in reality it's been at least a couple of months - ever since Johnny started daycare.  It's tough but I guess there's no way around it.  My immune system hasn't been great either so I catch every bug that happens to float around, and it takes me ages to recover... 

My point is, we were planning this visit to the Belmont Fire Station 14 on Saturday morning, but we were all too tired to get organized.  Same on Sunday morning...till yesterday, Monday morning, when we finally felt a bit normal.  Johnny sported a firefighter top and red shorts, and even brought his firetruck along!  And I brought my camera.  

Unfortunately I also have something called "pregnancy brain", which basically turns even the brightest woman into a complete moron.  Monday was Memorial Day and of course the Fire Station wasn't open to the public.  Tough luck.  

We made the most of it, though.  We took a detour to the local park and took some bokeh-galore portraits.   We are going back to the Fire Station next weekend.

Here the photos, enjoy our silly faces :)