Friday, January 31, 2014

35 mm of Happiness

I'm experimenting this weekend because I'm sick of waiting to win the lottery (for which I would need to play the lottery), or to find the free time to get me a lucrative enough photo gig that would cover my needs for new digital equipment. Two rolls of Kodak Ektachrome have been sitting in my camera drawer forever so I decided to give them a shot. Both are very expired - we're talking 1981 expired - which is incidentally the year I was born. I don't even care that this particular film is designed specially for controlled indoor/studio lighting. It's 64 ISO but I'm pushing it to 100. 

I have a ready roll of 120 mm film from my Mamiya, and another 35 mm (Portra 400) to finish shooting with the Zenit, so I thought it would also be nice to try out a 50 mm Nikkor lens of - get this - f/1.2 with my Nikon FM2 before I go down to Palo Alto to develop them all. EXCITING STUFF!!!

Of course, this might not work at all, which would suck. But I'm bored, and I want to challenge myself. So let's go.