Monday, November 4, 2013


Indoor kids Birthday Parties are always a challenge to photograph.  I hate using flash (that's because I really need to get on with the program and procure a speedlight), and whenever I crank the ISO and the exposure to compensate for it, there's a lot of noise and the focus gets fuzzy.  The only good thing about artificial mall lighting is that it is bright enough most of the time.  To add a subject insult to technical injury, kids usually  just don't ever stand still.  Those gigs are difficult but also fun, especially if your clients are also your friends.  This takes most of the pressure away, and I am able to try being at least a bit artistic while capturing the event with a reporting accuracy. 

This weekend I shot Abby's 3rd birthday while Johnny, John, and my Mom were also in attendance and enjoyed an awesome pink frosting cake and the company of a group of Bulgarians.  It was all such a treat!

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