Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower

~Albert Camus

Today was not a good day for me personally, but it was a splendid day for photography, thank god for small favors.  The light was subdued and filtered nicely through the clouds, and while I was watching Johnny play in the leaf pile outside, I decided to take a few images.  He, of course, refused to pose and proceeded to go for my camera.  Boys and gadgets is all I have to say.  At the end I was forced to provide him with a camera of his own, hence the presence of the Olympus and the smile on his face (in fact, he was so happy he could be actually seen drooling in one of those photos).

This trusty old point&shoot was actually loaded with film, so I shall post the photos he took, given that there are any successful ones.  Considering that Johnny is just 18 months old, I think anything that doesn't have his finger over the lens could be called "successful".

Here are some of the best shots.  Enjoy, and don't forget - all November photo sessions are 20% off!

P.S. I have two gigs lined up next week and I am super excited!  I rented a f/1.4 lens because it is about time I put my hands on this baby.