Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sofia - Faith, Hope, Love

Sofia, they say, is the city that grows, but never grows old.

I haven't been here in two years, yet really I haven't paced my hometown's streets ever since I left the country in 2007.  A lot of things have changes, except one - it's still a wonderful place to walk about and explore all the little corner stores, hidden inner courts, admire the old buildings and marvel the new ones.  Sofia is a busy combination of retro European vibe, Oriental spirit, and urban progress spiked with the decay of peeling facades and graffiti-covered fences.  

And the people, oh, the people of Sofia are awesome.  Some of the most beautiful women in the world live here, the grumpiest pensioners, the strangest bums, and the most boisterous teens...People watching is such fun when you have an afternoon off, and a camera.

I don't think I can live here anymore, but I surely miss it from time to time.  So I rode the trams and the trolleys, and I was bumped into, pushed, whistled and yelled at, oogled, begged from, ignored, offered a million articles at a million shops and stands, and I smiled as I walked, and I took everything in, for I was home once again, at least for awhile.

Before I give you the photos, I need to apologize to those cool girls that jumped for me.  The image is, gasp!, out of focus.  It was tough to use my 300mm for that purpose.  Probably another last batch of Sofia photos will follow shortly.  Stay tuned!

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