Friday, December 28, 2012

A Photowalk in Rome, part due

Here's the next batch of photos from the Eternal City.  Just a few things I want to say first: back then I used to shoot in JPEG, so the added grain actually does me a favor, as it gives texture to the images.  The colors are delicious - it rained a lot during our vacation, but the grey skies made everything stand out better.  I like the high contrast and the subdued highlights, and it was a real treat to revisit Rome again in such detail.  I miss Europe terribly, though I carry my experiences there with me always, which helps me to put the life here in a better perspective.

Also, just look at me - 20 pounds (at least) lighter, a smoker, and I seem to find cats everywhere I go.  Of course, Rome is literally infested with cats.