Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bird's the Word

Bird watching can be a tedious business.  I loaded my camera with my 300 mm lens, put it in remote shutter mode, hung it on my tripod, and positioned it next to the big livingroom window three days ago, but ever since I am waiting and waiting to almost no avail.  Most of the time a nice bird lands on the feeder I appear to be either too far for the remote to trigger the shutter, or too close, which scares the bird away.  Or I am nursing Johnny, and can't even reach for the remote.  Or miss the birds altogether, because I am in the other room, and I only catch their gleeful chirping as they fly off.

Nevertheless, I managed a few shots, yet don't ask me what kind of birds are these.  I haven't a clue!  All I know is that they are tricky, tricky birds, and I am one sloppy wildlife photographer.

I am particularly proud of the empty bird feeder pictures, though.  I have quite many of those, in different light and angle.

Also, please enjoy a few behind the scenes shots I took trying not to get bored while I was waiting for the birds: