Monday, March 30, 2015

A Day in the Life of Us

I decided to do what I do best - capture the now as it happens, and turn the seemingly mundane everyday routine of life with two kids into something special that we can treasure later on, when the boys are all grown up and out of the nest.  

Here you can find an entire day in pictures (101 pictures, to be exact), from waking up to bedtime, including almost every little ritual in between: naps, meals, games and fun, watching cartoons, chewing on stuff, chasing the cat, rolling on the floor and digging in the dirt, diaper changes and stalking the neighbors, blowing bubbles and generally being our goofy selves.  Incidentally, I didn't capture a single crying face.  I guess I was too busy turning those frowns into smiles to remember to shoot (for there were some tears).  

It's all very unpretentious.  I have included the blurry shots, the badly composed ones, the real us ones.  I hope you enjoy them!

Art is the science of the human soul.  And there's nothing more tiring and nerve-wracking...but also more pure and full of hope than the soul of a child.  Two, in our case.

Oh, and by the way, the trick to getting a good shot of your husband is to say "Make that face I hate!".