Thursday, December 12, 2013

'Tis the Puppy Season!


Of course, every season is a puppy season, yet this December I want to really make my Christmas matter, and what a better way to be compassionate and sharing than helping those who need it the most.  Many Bulgarian stray dogs are in dire need of food, shelter, and vet care this winter, and I would like to raise some funds towards the goal of providing them with a little warmth and love.

Want to help me help puppies? HIRE ME!

From now through the end of January (yes, I'm extending Christmas this year) ALL photo sessions (except weddings) are ONLY $50, a sum which I will donate directly to an animal in need!  
Hurry up, book a photo shoot, and have fun with me and my cameras!

If you feel like simply donating to the cause, you can do so using the DONATE button you see on the upper right corner of this page.  Donate ANY amount, anytime.  Aside of being forever grateful to you, I will send you a GIFT CERTIFICATE for an indoor SKYDIVING simulation experience.  I have only two left, so hurry!


Well, for one, you could quit meat.  There's no humane way to slaughter a farm (or any) animal, and compassion is a great motivator to change your diet, no matter how badly you like burgers.  The truth is that factory farming is not just morally wrong, but also just bad for your health, considering how terribly compromised the food production chain is (think infections, disease, hormones, antibiotics, contamination).

If you want to stick with meat, please do your best to find family owned, small local farms where to buy your meat from.  Same goes for dairy, cheese, and eggs.  

Always choose free range, grass fed, organic.  Vote with your wallet!

Don't support, buy, or use cosmetics tested on animals.

Avoid Sea World, circuses that use animals for entertainment, and zoos.

Never buy, always adopt your pets.

Fur is often attained by skinning animals live.  Don't endorse such cruelty!

Choose modern, eco materials over leather and wool.

Say no to restaurants that offer Foie Gras, which is unethical and cruelly derived product.

Boycott hotels using dawn pillows.

When travelling abroad, refrain from tasting exotic meats and foods.  (In many places in Asia this means dog or cat meat, in Mexico - sea turtle meat, in Japan - dolphin and shark meat)

Don't bet on dog or horse races.

Be kind to animals, to Nature, to one another.  It will pay off, I promise!