Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Room With a View

And here are the last images I took in Bulgaria.  This is pretty much the view from my apartment balcony in Sofia, a view I grew up with.  It is very different kind of suburbia than the American one, and not only because it's high up and overlooks hundreds of others little windows of box-like homes, but also because you can see someone freely pouring stuff out of bottles through said windows, oblivious about who could be splashed on the ground.

I don't dislike this reality, probably because I don't live there anymore...yet I still find some sort of strange coziness in the urban plight that reigns, especially when the light is just right, and the air is clean enough to see the mountain.  Besides, this was home.  You can't dislike home, even when its raw and gritty, you can just keep it in a special place and cherish it the way you can.

The sunset images are taken with my iPhone, and the rest are with my 300mm zoom lens.