Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Beginnings

We moved to a new house in Belmont, California this past weekend.  It's a wonderful place to be, both literally and metaphorically, and I am glad that we are settling down as I have a few important projects I want to concentrate on in the upcoming months, one of them being a stray animal charity I will be conducting here on the blog by selling prints to help out my furry Bulgarian friends. Stay tuned for more details soon - I'll be adding a "Donate" button, and there will be information about how it all works.  Of course, I'll also start writing again.  It's all so exciting!

I took a few images at home yesterday morning, and even though the light is much better at sunset, I wanted to capture the tranquil feeling in the early hours.  We don't live fancy, we live well - it's a secret I wish everyone knew.  Getting caught in the rat race isn't a wise way to spend your time, and we have no intention doing it, despite of the pressures that come with moving to a wealthier neighborhood such as this, and having a two car garage.  The truth is, wealth is a state of mind, and being able to enjoy my family, my craft, and the moment makes me richer than a king.  So we brought tattoos and Transformers decals and jazz music and geeky culture to Belmont, and a certain kind of freedom - to be ourselves.  

My favorite part is the hilly landscape and the country feel of the area.  The air is great, so is the light, and it's safe and quiet, ideal to raise a child.  Take a look, enjoy, and I hope to have you over soon!