Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Weekend in the Emerald City, Day 3

Well, this is it.  The last batch of photos from our Seattle trip.  

I am very happy with all of them, and with the experiences they represent.  Everything during this short weekend was just right, and although I wish we had managed to visit more of this colorful city, I enjoyed every moment being there.  I felt quite at home in Seattle, like I belonged, and the culture fit me so well.  I will surely return, and I hope it won't take me another 20 years...

So yeah, lots of sun flares, lots of the Space Needle, and not nearly enough candid street portraits (or night shots), but hey, I saw Kurt Cobain's sweater!  Ah, life is great. 

Coming up: Behind the Scenes, and Seattle in Instagrams!

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