Thursday, August 7, 2014

Snow Over Broomfield Park

One of the coolest things about where we used to live in London was the local park.  Well, I should say one of the parks - the biggest and the most interesting.  Broomfield Park had ducks and geese and swans, ponds and fountains, flower beds and rose gardens, a tennis court, a gazebo, a greenhouse, a football field, a playground, hilly grass grounds and many smooth benched alleys surrounded by old trees.  I loved walking there and spending the entire afternoon reading, taking photos, or just daydreaming and people watching.

It snows seldom in London, so when it did that year - I think that was in the beginning of 2010 - I had to go out shooting.  Not many successful images but a few I particularly like.  Behold the fattest squirrel in the world!