Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mary Had a Little Lamb

After a long long week of sickness, sleep deprivation, and worry, we decided it was time to have some fun. 

It was the last day of the San Mateo County State Fair, so we drove over to see the sights and enjoy the spirit of the event.  It was truly wonderful - all sorts of people mixed together, loud, a bit drunk with excitement and high on sugar and carbs from the abundant food trucks (deep fried everything), entire families crowding the arcades or romantic couples strolling about, funny stuffed toys, lights and music, carnival rides and, of course, a giant ferris wheel!  

It's a juvenile kind of entertainment, but boy, don't we need it from time to time when life becomes a bit too serious.  Johnny was still too small for most of the rides and we only did a pony round and went straight to the farm animals and petting zoo area.  Which also happens to be my favorite part of the fair.

I was glad to see that all animals were treated well and kept appropriately, and I got yet another confirmation that my lifestyle of not eating animals is absolutely and wonderfully right.  I mean, have you even seen a cow?  Cows are AWESOME. 

The light was lovely as the weather was rather overcast and I am super happy with how these turned out.  The only other best scenario would have been if we had visited at night - oh, the kind of bokeh I could have captured then!

Here are the photos I took today amidst the craziness of the fair.  Enjoy and happy Father's Day!