Sunday, March 31, 2013

Steven and Galaxy

Yesterday I took my neighbor Steven's portrait.  Although he couldn't really afford it, he commissioned me last week to photograph him and his kitty, Galaxy, because he wanted to send some photos of himself back home to the East Coast, where his family still lives.  I gave him the "friends & family" discount and I promised to print the images for him.  Steven is a very nice man, and by nice I mean truly good and interesting to talk to, and honest, and kind.  He has a mental illness which has left him somewhat disabled socially, but truth to be told, when a person has such a big heart, and is so naturally intelligent, they will always find a friend in me.  I'd rather spend 15 minutes chatting about politics and history and art with Steven through my fence, than sipping lattes and having a small talk downtown with anybody else.

I really wanted to explore this opportunity a bit more and to keep clicking away at Steven to capture more of the essence of his character, but he seemed a bit camera shy and I didn't want to put him off or worse - to upset him.  These portraits are pretty standard work...and typical for me with the citrus bokeh and the flare (which, ironically, I didn't see until later).  I still quite like them, though. 

P.S. I had to use flash on Galaxy as she is not allowed outside in the sun.  She was skittish but she was a good model :)