Sunday, February 3, 2013

Making Lemonade

It's been a madhouse lately.  Everything changed so much just in the span of a week, and it seems like I am starting my entire life anew.  It's not a bad feeling, actually.  I am not quite sure how to explain this, but the more I grow and the more I experience, I learn that life is most real and big and right in the midst of hardship.  I am not saying that I welcome trouble and drama, not at all, but I am proud that I can find the strength  to deal with it and to perform at my best even when things are tough.  The enjoyment of the quiet that follows, the sweetness of the rest are greatest then, and I believe I can do anything.

It turned out that we won't be having a second baby this year after all, and it was rather sad to go through the emotional roller coaster in such a short period, but we are good now.  We know that we will have more children again, and we will wait for a better time, just like we waited for Johnny. The good news is that the first day at my new job went wonderfully and I am so happy to be writing for living again.  Spring is coming, we're planning our annual overseas pilgrimage, and we are slowly getting on top of the daily challenges of raising a child - we seem to sleep a bit more, to eat a little better, to stay in shape, and most importantly, to keep our wits about it all.

Johnny turned 9 months last week and I just got around to editing and posting these.  They are so many, too many really, but I love them all and I couldn't choose which ones to share, so I give you the entire shoot.

Isn't my baby the most gorgeous baby?!  Don't answer.  I know he is!