Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Life As It Happens

I think I got hooked on photography because it compliments my obsession with documenting life so well.  I like to witness how events unfold - be them big and important or just everyday - and I like to keep them.  They remind me that I am still here, still a part of things, still alive to experience them and awake enough to appreciate them.

Last weekend we met with our Bulgarian friends up in Burlingame.  We had crepes, walked about downtown, and watched our kids hold hands and play together.  What a lovely way to be!

As you can see, the bright California sunshine is back and it makes it very hard to take any photos past 10 am.  I ventured into it nevertheless, and despite that being out and about with kids made it ridiculously complicated to compose the shots properly.


P.S.The last couple of images I took at home after we came back.  Shelby really wanted to go out and plop in the back yard in this gorgeous weather.  Also, I really need to take some selfies against the backdrop of the red-leafed tree there.