Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Big Ben Theory

I will never forget the first time I beheld Big Ben.  It was May 6, 2007 - the day I turned 26.  John and I had just arrived in London and we took our first walk around town together, trying to come to terms that this will be our home for the next few years.  We approached from St. James Park on Great George Street, and there it was in the distance, the image I've seen on hundreds of postcards and in so many movies.  The best thing about it was that it looked exactly as grand and pretty as I imagined it would be, and moreover, it was real and I was right there to see it with my own very eyes.  

I never got tired to photograph this old boy.  

Another favorite architectural marvel in London was the BT Tower. It was close to my university campus and I found it gave that little je ne sais quoi to the skyline I grew to love (regardless of the crappy weather).